Hope for Christmas!

Mr. & Mrs. S sent out a quick email yesterday, with Christmas photos of them and their 3 kidlets. This little sibling group was placed with them this spring/summer, and it’s been a delight to hear about how things are progressing so well for them.

Mrs. S got to have her first real Mother’s Day this year, and Mr. S his first real Father’s Day. After years of losses, infertility, and wading through the maze of foster care adoption, they finally get to just be a family.

Can you imagine what a crazy Christmas this must be for them?!? To go from hoping and praying for a placement to a home filled with adorable busy little bodies.

This must be the BEST Christmas EVER!! đŸ˜€

Super happy for them… and wistfully hoping that our Christmas-filled-with-adorable-busy-little-bodies isn’t too far away.



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