Emotional Crack

I love a happy ending – a good story. They’re like emotional crack for me… I get high on them. So when I watched this video (below) today, I had to do some deep zen-breathing to not lose it and end up doing the ugly cry.

I read/saw this on One Thankful Mom, and as she mentions (and readers commented), this isn’t necessarily a typical reaction.

Lisa writes “I want to add a few thoughts.  From the little bit I understand of this story (and it is very little), the mom had known Meredith for a number of years, and she had lived with them for six months prior to their decision to adopt her.  They knew she was safe with their children, and they knew she would be receptive to being adopted. These are very important keys to their story – which is beautiful.”

BUT, I’m still loving it anyhow!! 😀 Hope you do too.


PS: Just an update to share more about the story… it was on their local news channel, and gives more background and context: http://northlittlerock.todaysthv.com/news/news/81086-young-couple-surprises-teen-adoption


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