Rough Start to 2012


I got pretty sick over the Christmas break. I’ve been feeling ‘off’ for about 6 weeks, and it got really bad over about 2 weeks between late December and early January… spent days laid up in bed – woozy, SUPER nauseous, brutal headaches, sore throat, and low-grade fever. I told people it was the flu, but I knew it wasn’t.

Went to the doctor last week and apparently my blood pressure was really high, even for my family history of high blood pressure. She was fairly concerned and has sent me for a bunch of bloodwork. I’m going back next week to confirm.

So here are the options (which I already find bizarre): reflux esophagitis, gall bladder disease, diabetes, or m. pylori. How random are those options?!? The blood pressure thing seems to be most concerning… for me as well.

Anyhow, I’m not throwing up anymore, and I’m less nauseous right now so that’s good. That bsing said, I still don’t feel ‘right’ and I’d like to figure this out soon so I can get back to life better.

Ugh… hope your new year is going better than mine so far! 😉


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