Getting A Life – Part 1

So since I’m busy thinking through how I should go about getting a life while walking through the upcoming journey of adoption, I thought I’d share with you a short list of some of the ways I’m planning to make the most of this season.


1) TESOL: I have only one or two classes to finish to complete my TESOL certification. Teaching English has nothing to do with my career, but I’ve always enjoyed Lingustics and when I did a volunteer practicum with an ELSA class a few years ago I was really touched by the people. They were all so gracious and genuine. I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be to move your family to a completely new country for hope of a better life. It would be neat to get back into doing that.

2) CHRP (Canadian Human Resources Professional) certification: This one’s a ‘maybe’ for me. Despite the fact that this is my current work (an an HR Director for a national charity), I waffle on whether or not to focus much more in the field of HR. Part of it is the fact that once we do (positive thinking – positive thinking) have kids, and I look for part-time work (hopefully 20-30 hours/week), there’s NOTHING in my field anywhere close to home. Seriously. Nothing. So that being said, I’m a little nervous about painting myself into a career corner, so to speak.

3) General Interest Continuing Ed: Maybe pottery, or photography courses… or a language class or two. Just some fun stuff to learn new skills and develop new hobbies. 🙂

Community Involvement

1) Emergency Social Services (ESS): I’ve recently started volunteering as an ESS volunteer in my community, and am really excited to continue with training and practical experience of helping people in my community, during their time of need. There’s some great free training available through the province, so I’m excited to get more involved in that as well!

2) Our Local Church: We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from much involvement, over the past year, as both Rob and I have felt overwhelmed with pretty much everything in life. We’re joining a community group again, and I’m happy to be getting more connected with old friends and new. There’s something very healing and encouraging about being part of a group, isn’t there?

Health/Physical Activity

1) Sprint (aka mini) Triathlon: OK – this is for sure my loftiest goal… but I feel like it’s actually achievable over the next 7 months before the race happens in late April, 2012. A sprint triathlon is basically one for beginners, with only 5km of running, 20km of cycling, and 700m of swimming. While definitely a stretch for me with my post-Clomid and frantic-panic-about-2WW-exercising body, I need to get moving and active again. My brother and I will be doing this together, which is AWESOME, and while he’s definitely more fit than me, that’s all the more motivation and accountability for me to get practicing!

Phew! That sounds like enough to keep my free-time full! Looking forward to being so busy that I won’t have enough time to obsess about infertility and adoption!