American Politics

… I don’t get them.

Seriously. I’m *very* Canadian.

It’s not that I don’t understand American politics (aka in a factual, organizational, or structural manner), but rather that the more time passes the more I realize that while we’re neighbours who are friends and have lots in common, Canadians (generally) think differently about things than Americans do.

For example, my new boss is an American who’s recently transferred ‘up north’ to BC to work with our charity, which is the Canadian division of an international organization. He was explaining to me how he’s baffled that us British Columbians aren’t protesting our car insurance rates. I just smiled, shrugged, and said “Yeah – they’re high… but I like not getting sued, so I’m OK with it.”

Kind of like how I know that we have high taxes, but I like having nice roads and safe communities and a higher standard of living.

So with all these various Republican candidates vying for the candidacy in the next presidential election, I’ve got to say that I’m just not super connected to how intensely many Americans feel (one way or the other) about all the various people running. I mean some folks are just up in arms about it all.

And all the healthcare freaking out… I mean really? I’m totally OK with having to wait a little longer for my appointment for the right to have basic healthcare provided for me regardless of my income level. I’m not panicked about marijuana. It doesn’t traumatize me that LGBTQ folks can get married.

I wonder if we’re (or maybe I’m) just more socialistic.

Anyhow – that’s all. Stream of consciousness.

I hope the whole thing works out well for everyone. I’d just like to hear about something else on the news! 😉


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